Friday, 22 June 2012

Cool children's book typeface

I found this rather charming children's book Stuck.
I think this is a really successful cover.

  • The title is easy to read because of its size and contrast, even though it is in an uneven typeface with a hand-lettered feel to it. 
  • The title's typeface also suits the illustration style, and the positioning of the letters between the tree branches anchors the title to the cover image. 
  • The typeface for the author's name matches the typeface used for the inside lettering (more on this below).
Here is a page spread from the book:

The typeface used for the text is a child's scribbly pencil handwriting (is it still a typeface if it's hand-written?). This suits the scribbly nature of the illustrations, and makes the narrator seem more authentic. I particularly like how in the photo below, the narrator has had two tries at spelling a difficult word (rhinoceros) and crossed out the first attempt.

This book also has cover flaps, and designs on the inside of the cover, a nice additional touch.

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