Saturday, 12 May 2012

A very pretty cover

The cover art is gorgeous. One relatively simple image evokes a lot of symbolism – falling, angels, blood. It also has very clear visual pointers from the light in the top right corner, down past the boy's wings to the title and then author.

It's hard to tell from the image, but the cover is also slightly pearlescent, adding an additional element of interest (and appealing to the teen market).

The typeface chosen for the title hush, hush fits perfectly with the slightly ominous atmosphere evoked by the cover art and the black and white palette. It’s a very decorative font with exaggerated serifs but it works when contrasted with the otherwise relatively unadorned layout.

The only thing I question is the colour chosen for the author's name - on the one hand it fits with the overall colour scheme, but on the other it's hard to read against the dark background.

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